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EPK David Bryan Smith

Speaker, Singer/Songwriter, America's Gentleman Hypnotist

Bio: From his roots deep in south Georgia, David Bryan Smith writes and performs music with “deep south soul.” Dave brings the show. He’s a combination of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bono, and Ed Sheeran.┬áHis wit, humor, and ability to tell a compelling story makes all his performances unique and different.

Dave uses traditional acoustic instruments and electrifies their tones with the latest looping technology. He makes layers of sounds that blend into a fabric of music that wraps itself around the listener. Lyrics that you can sing. Music that moves your body. Songs that speak from the heart of the human expression about love and friends and family. That is David Bryan Smith.

The Rav Vast Drum. David is one of only a hand full of Rav vast drummers in the world. This unique tongue drum has overtones that resemble wind chimes on a summer night. Dave plays many different kinds of music on this drum even combining the Cajon, foot shakers, and the blues harmonica to create Georgia blues as you have never heard it. Georgia blues carried over wind chime drums.

Dave knows how to pull creativity out of people and can teach your group how to profit from your staff’s creativity while giving them an amazing show.

David speaks about his unique creative process call Seven Sigma Song writing  to corporations and  individuals world wide. He performs over 100 shows a year and continues to write, record, and produce songs on a weekly basis.

Dave founded the “SAFE” principles


Affirm the positive


Find your Purpose

Everyday Gratitude

“I had no idea what I was doing at first, but I worked hard at it every day vowing to write a song a week for 52 weeks. After about 6 months I had a formula that got results and I haven’t stopped since. I write songs that connect with people on an intimate level. Some are funny, some are serious, but all will touch you in ways you can’t even imagine. Music is the ultimate form of hypnosis. It can take you from a place of sorrow to a place of joy in seconds. Music can be a companion when life  is tough and life is tough most of the time. I just want to change the world with a few Magic Words” David Bryan Smith

Find your magic with David Bryan Smith

Hire Dave for pure fun entertainment that appeals to a wide variety of fans.

SAAFE principles

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Partial song list:

Original music

I believe in you

Let Freedom Ring

Black Sky

I’m Her Hero


Motherless Child

The Abyss


Movin On

WTF -With the Fire

Unspoken Love

Dance with the Devil

Funkin Holiday

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Give Thanks


Raman Shaman

Werewolf named Bill

52 Seconds

I love you

(I wanna be a) Jewish Guy

Just have Faith

Baby Steps

Courage by the Ton

Daisy May

Irish Drinking song

Carpe D


Cover songs partial list:

Ole Town Road – Little Nas X

Don’t worry be Happy – Bobby Mcferrin

Simple Man – Skynard

Sweet Home Alabama – Skynard

I see Fire – Ed Sheeran

Shape of you Ed Sheeran

Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran

Dive – Ed Sheeran

XO – John Mayer

Gravity – John Mayer

Find another you – John Mayer

Hotel California – Eagles

Take it easy – Eagles

Lyin Eyes – Eagles

All along the watchtower – Dylan/Hendrix

Me you feel my love – Dylan

Little Wing – Hendrix

Wind cries Mary – Hendrix

5 foot two eyes of blue

King of the Road – Roger Miller

Still Haven’t found what I’m looking for – U2

When Love comes to town – U2

Uneasy Rider – Charlie Daniels

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett

Shower the people – James Taylor

You got a Friend – James Taylor

You are my sunshine/ She’ll be comin round the mountain comedy medley

Dear Abby – John Prine

Breakdown – Tom Petty